Online Giving

Bethany Baptist Church is pleased to offer a variety of different methods for processing your financial gifts. Regardless of which method you choose, all gifts are income tax deductible, and an annual giving statement will be provided for your records.

Offering is available each Sunday at Bethany during our worship service, where we accept cash and check donations. You can also donate anytime online by clicking the button below. Gifts can also be set up to automatically give in any amount - weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

No matter how you choose to give, please know that your financial gifts are impacting lives, and we are extremely grateful for your generosity! Got questions? Send us an email or see below to read the Online Giving FAQ.

Online Giving faq

Bethany Baptist Church uses a safe, simple, and effective online service called "Clover Donations" to process our online giving.  Scroll through the information below for answers in anticipation to some of the common questions you may have about this service : 

Why online giving?

For many people, online giving is the simplest, most effective way to give to your church. A lot of people don't carry checks or even cash in our society. Online giving allows you to strategically and intentionally think about your gift and set it up as a priority. Our system makes this process very easy and streamlined for you.

Is online giving safe?

Short and simple answer: Absolutely! It’s equally as safe as paying bills online or purchasing something through any reputable online retailer.

Longer and more technical answer: Clover Donations uses 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) for data entry, and AES-256 in "cypher-block-chaining mode" for recurring payments. Also, Clover's servers use both hardware AND software firewalls for added protection.

Can I give via my mobile device?

Yes! Simply log in to our website ( from your device, click the "Give Online" tab, and make a donation.

Who in the church has access to my information?

We've made certain that no one, other than those absolutely necessary, will see or know about your giving, no matter how you choose to give. Our Elders and Finance Team have strict, accountable structures and policies in place for all sensitive information that comes through the church.  

Will I receive a record of my giving? 

Yes. After you give, an email will automatically be sent to the email address which you provide after you establish your account. You will also have the opportunity to print a receipt of each transaction.

In addition to your individual gift receipt for each online giving transaction, Bethany’s Financial Secretary will then include your online giving with any other donations made to Bethany throughout the year for your end-of-year annual giving report. Note that a separate transaction is required for donations to multiple funds.

Can I use a debit or credit card to make a donation?

Yes and no. At this time, we only allow the options to give via bank account transfer or debit card. Why? Allowing the use of credit cards would require the church to pay additional monthly fees and also incur other per-transaction charges. Because we are committed to making the best use of the money that you give in building the Kingdom, we have decided against allowing credit transactions at this time. While we do utilize debit card transactions, we strongly encourage you to consider using the bank account transfer option which costs less for the church and helps your donation go farther.

Can I set up automatic, recurring donations?

Yes. When you first set up your recurring donations, you have control over the amount, the rate of recurrence (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), and even the start/end date for your automatic deductions. If you decide to stop or change your recurring donation, you can make that change yourself, quickly and easily.